Sapphire Hair Transplant


The wonderful change is possible.

With Sapphire Hair Transplant technique, you can have strong and impressive hair.

FUE Hair Transplant Method, which has been applied since 2004, is now more successful with Sapphire tipped blade.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant is the latest hair transplantation method developed technologically. With the blade developed from Sapphire mine for hair transplantation, the placement and efficiency of the grafts are at the highest level.

Sapphire Hair Transplantation is not a technique in itself. It is the use of a sapphire blade in classical fue technique. In the FUE method, the hair follicles from the nape and above the ears are replaced to the bald area. In the meantime, microchannels are opened in the area to be transplanted. In the classical fue method, these channels are opened with a steel knife.

These channels leave a scar, even in small amounts, and the recovery period lasts 30 days. However, in the Sapphire FUE Method, the sapphire blade leaves minimal marks and the healing time of the channels is one week.


Advantages of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Technique

– Transplanting with sapphire tip is more frequent than the metal slit method.

– The more frequent grafts, the denser the hair.
It provides duct opening by injecting less subcutaneous fluid than a metal slit.

– Since the edema level after the operation will be lower, it is more comfortable for the patients in every sense after the operation.

– Since the hair roots are transplanted at the most natural angle in the channels of their size, there is no possibility that the roots will come out of place and the angle settings will change.

The excellent result is possible. As Premium Hair Center, we are performing Ice Cell Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant.

By using the Ice Cell method with the sapphire knife which is the latest innovation in hair transplantation, We ensure the efficiency of the grafts taken during the waiting period. This results in more successful hair transplantation.